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Zirconia Oxide (ZrO2) Ball

Zirconia Oxide (ZrO2) Ball

Due to the features of high fracture toughness, high bending strength, high wear resistance, excellent heat insulating property and proper thermal expansion coefficient that is close to that of steel, zirconia oxide (ZrO2) ceramic balls are widely employed in ceramic bearings. Additionally, cost of zirconia balls is much lower than silicon nitride balls.
 Zirconia oxide balls have following characteristics:
 1. Corrosion resistant so that can be used in acid and alkali situation.
 2. High temperature resistant, which remain the same strength and hardness when the temperature nearly comes to 550 degree.
 3. Non-magnetic and electrical insulating
 4. Low density of 6.05g/cm3, approximately 20% lighter than steel balls, which decrease the centrifugal force on the groove, reducing the wear and tear.
 5. Excellent resistance to oxidation and metal erosion
 6. Low friction coefficient and high surface finish

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Sintering Technology

Sinoma ZrO2 Ball

φ 2.381-25.4mm


Pressure-less Sintering

Application: high precision ceramic bearings, high-temperature bearings, vacuum bearings, non-magnetic bearings, chemical pumps, high-temperature pumps, check balls, metering balls