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Silicon Nitride Riser Tube

Silicon Nitride Riser Tube

Excellent chemical stability,reduces impurity'bring in,improved the quality of
aluminum casting products.
High temperature resistance,which remain the same strength and hardness when the
temperature of aluminum liquid comes to 800℃-900℃.
High density with low porosity,it can be long-term using in aluminum liquid,which
decrease the residue,in order to improve the service life and reduce the
maintenance cost.
It is non-wetting to aluminum liquid,which can highly reduce the aluminum
attachment on the surface of the tube.
Excellent resistance to thermal shock,which can improve the working life of the

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Due to the high density with low porosity, high temperature stability,excellent resistance to thermal shock and excellent corrosion resistance,silicon nitride material has a very broad application prospects  in  the  cast  aluminum  industry  on  equipment parts.Currently,Our company has developed andproduced series of high performance silicon nitride ceramic products for cast aluminum industry using,including silicon nitride riser tube,silicon nitride heater protection tube,rotating shaft,rotor and silicon nitride protection tube for thermocouple,etc..

1.  (Low pressure casting machine)

2. (Quantitative furnace)